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Deer Hunting From the Past

I see them go, each armed with bow
these stalwarts on their hunting bold foray,
quite early, as yet, for tracking snow,
but it brings thoughts of a bygone day.

My Dad and my uncles took their leave,
from their chores, to bag the mighty buck.
Deer widows filled in, and didn't grieve,
a break and winter's meat, with any luck.

There was tracking snow that first day out,
Dad and uncles claimed, like carefree boys,
boys for the few days of hunting bout,
buddies roughing it, nature's hearty joys

Although there was tracking snow for sure,
not a single deer track could be seen;
the snow was so white, pristine and pure,
hopes were high, sights tested, rifles clean.

They spread out to increase their strategy,
a view of numerous, various forked trails,
in hopes of spotting any antler rack,
or wide ears, and white and flag-like tails.

The noonday sun, when long hours had passed,
prompted eagerness for that lunch bag time,
and thermos whose promised warmth was welcome.
Hours with no sign of deer, almost a crime.

From confident eagerness, the mood,
changed from intense to recollections.
They shared old experiences renewed,
and began to laugh at their reflections.

Still, hours passed without a sign of deer;
legal hunting hours had diminished,
so their route was back to hunting camp;
they saw now that their day was finished.

The stands, surveying site, established,
the limited and temporary drives,
had brought no slim hope of satisfaction
for guys who had gone hunting all their lives.

Well, there still were two more tomorrows,
for farmers who'd arranged help for each chore.
Good fellowship did not have any sorrows,
New strategy, initiated, at the fore.

Slogging home with just two days to go,
Surprised, by seeing signs along their route
that deer had tracked their progress through the snow
and tables turned had nicely faked them out

The hunt was not as dismal as it started;
before the days off had come to an end.
Their next days' conquests left them all glad-hearted,
with stories and venison to share with friends.

11/10/2016 Carol Welch
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