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A Good Example--Shared Learning

I learn from you who your quiet kept,
chose not to defend the stand that you thought right,
the retort that might have come, a loss,
a confusing and a needless verbal fight.

The conviction held may prove out in the end,
or you may learn, rejecting, to your shame,
the what is right, not who is right, contend.
I, too, may find the peace, not blot my name.

And, so it is, the stand I chose to take,
may have been only fuel which to contend.
Then I've not shared, unheard my futile words;
I could quietly discern, best with my friend.

Recognizing there usually is some right,
in the view another could observe,
or in the method another one applies;
acknowledging, our mutual good would serve.

My model, when all proof and logic ends,
hand upon one who different views embraced.
If my companion shares, we remain friends,
You share we're richer for the issue faced.

01/08/2017 Carol Welch
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